"Don't Panic!
It's Only Me,
-Tom Janoski, Computer Scientist/Engineer and clearly NOT a Designer


Washington University in St. Louis
B.S. in Both Computer Science and Engineering
2018-2021 (Expected: May 2021)
  • GPA: 3.45/4
  • Active Member of EnCouncil (Publicity Chair for Vertigo 2019)
  • Teacher's Assistant for Rapid Prototyping and Creative Development
  • Relevant Classes:
    • 204: Web Design (Front-End Web Development)
    • 240: Logic and Discrete Mathmatics (Java)
    • 247: Data Structures and Algorithms (Java)
    • 260: Digital Logic and Computer Design (VHDL)
    • 330: Rapid Prototyping and Creative Development (Full-Stack Web Development)
    • 332: Object-Oriented Development Lab (Using C++)
    • 361: Introduction to Systems Software (Using C)
Wheaton Warrenville South High School
High School Diploma
  • GPA: 4.37/4 (Weighted), 3.76/4 (Unweighted)
  • Captain and MVP of the Varsity Chess Team (2017-2018)
  • Team member of Varsity Tennis (2016-2018)
Developer Student Club (MindsEye)
Project Manager
October 2019-Present
  • Building an app in React Native for the company MindsEye
  • Oversaw project from concept to product
  • Acted as the liaison between MindsEye, Student Developer Club, and my team
Washington University in St. Louis
Teacher's Assitant
August 2019-Present
  • The class is 330: Rapid Prototyping and Creative Development
  • Centered around quickly learning new languages and frameworks
  • Built websites for the functionality, no style points awarded
  • Put up websites on our very own EC2 Instance
  • Topics Covered Include:
    • HTML/CSS
    • PHP
    • Javascript
    • Python (Only Regex stuff however)
    • NodeJS
Personal Tutor
August 2019-Present
  • Teach HTML/CSS/Javascript to a California 5th Grader over Skype
  • Responsible for the scheduling and planning of lessons
Washington University in St. Louis
Student Fundraiser at the Call Center
September-November 2019
  • Called alumni, parents, and friends of WashU to fundraise and update information
  • Developed soft-skills such as communication and organization


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Who Am I?
My name is Tom Janoski (If you didn't get that already) and I am a junior at Washington University in St. Louis studying Computer Science and Engineering. Although I live in St. Louis now for school, my hometown is a suburb of Chicago named Wheaton. I have an older brother Mike and an older sister Kate.
Why Computers?
To be honest, I've always loved it. I have always played videogames and in middleschool I wanted to create my very own. I downloaded Unity, but I quickly realised that while game development was not my thing, I really enjoyed the scripting piece of it. Ever since then I've tinkered with things. Studying it in college felt like a natural extention.
Outside of Class?
Outside of class, I'm currently both a Tutor and a Teacher's Assistant. I love learning, and being on the other end is extremely rewarding. Other than that, I'm a project manager for a google sponsered developer student club and an active member in Engineering Council as well.
What are Your Hobbies?
For fun I compete in videogame competitions and play chess. Other interests include poker, tennis, and drafting card games. I like reading fantasy novels and also enjoy the occasional netflix binge.

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